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Things to Keep in mind When Redecorating Your Bathroom

Friday, September 30th, 2011

The most popular area in your home is the bathroom. A lot of people spend a minimum of 1/2 an hour to an hour in your bathroom each and every day. When you have a home with many people, you’ll find that there is always somebody in the bathroom. The interesting thing is that often for a room that gets more use than just about any other room in your home it is also normally the smallest room in your home. But before you decide on how you want to remodel your bathroom, here are some things you need to be aware of.

To begin with, you should look into adding a shower stall rather than a bathtub. A lot of people will not take a bath in a bathtub just about every single day. Of course when you have younger little children in the home this may not be an option. However if most of the people in your home are 12 years old or older this is a great option. One good reason to incorporate a shower stall instead of a tub is because you are going to free up room in the bathroom. In case your bathroom is fairly small to begin with, you’re going to enjoy the extra space.

Additionally with regards to replacing your sink in your bathroom select one that is made out of lighter colors. Deeper color sinks will really reveal water spots, hard water stains as well as soap scum get noticed more. You’ll find yourself washing your sink many times each day. So when you are looking at the color of your new sink, make it light.

Also if you plan on switching the color scheme of your bathroom and you want to get colored fixtures, you will need to make sure you get the fixtures before you begin your remodel. Finding fixtures in a variety of colors is usually time consuming and usually will have to be ordered. If you aren’t very picky, merely purchase white or off white colors. You probably should not have any difficulty finding standard white or off-white fixtures in your nearby home improvement store. This can be good should you end up needing to replace them down the road.

If you have tile to your shower stall, it may be necessary to wait two or three days until the tile is stuck tight to the ground. So if it took a week to upgrade the bathroom, you may need to wait a couple of more days to use the shower. There’s also much more work involved in adding tile compared to a standard shower stall.

Keep in mind, one important thing should be to make sure that you have a bathroom to use when your real bathroom is being renovated.

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